Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Rajoy negotiates with Camps to plead guilty and avoid court case - IMF criticises EU hard for its handling o0f crisis - Murdoch: "It's the most humiliating day of my life" / ABC (over photo of King Juan Carlos and Mahmoud Abbas) Spain backs Palestine UN entry - Camps, ready to pay fine to avoid court - Housewives must be paid if they divorce / PUBLICO Bono incenses Franco victims - Speculators make €3,100 million on attack on Spain - Murdoch blames hacking on subordinates / EL MUNDO Camps to plead guilty and hold on to post - Sanahuja family paid (UM) Unio Mallorquina with bags full of bills on their yacht - Ruper Murdoch's humiliatioN / NEGOCIO (Business and Lifestyle) Merkel frustrates Eurogroup's expectations - Iberdrola plans first 'offshore' wind farm (in UK) - London insists: BAA must sell airports / EUROPA SUR Social agents and opposition insist on keeping 2015 Strategic Plan going - Murdoch blames subordinates and is attacked - La Linea unions demand payment of two salaries in two weeks

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