Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What kind of environmental vigilance is this?

We picked this up from TioJimeno, who got it from one of their readers, Andrés Rebolledo Barreno, who took it on a walk along the Hozgarganta River. Outside barbecues are very strictly forbidden at this time of year for the enormous danger of brush fires. Andrés, a keen environmentalist, goes on to say that he found out that the BBQ had been left by a family that had spent three days over the weekend at that spot by one of the several abandoned mills along the river (this one's called Molino del Profesor), cooking by day and by night. He asks for more forestry vigilance in that area, as well as more police and Guardia presence because "the countryside as we know it could disappear at any moment. We cannot allow ourselves these luxuries, specially with the summer we're having, the wind, etc." He's right: if you see it, anywhere, report it right away.

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