Thursday, 1 September 2011

Belgian Mayoress in Spanish sex scandal

NAVARRA/Olite  (Agencies) Ilse Uyttersprot, the Mayor of Aalst, Belgium, a member of the European People's party and a Catholic, has been filmed having sex in public on top of a castle tower in Spain. The video of Ilse Uyttersprot and her former partner was taken four years ago by a tourist visiting Olite Royal Palace but has only emerged online in recent days, unleashing uproar in Belgian media. The footage reportedly shows Ms Uyttersprot fornicating with her ex-boyfriend, a surgeon. Ms Uyttersprot took to her Twitter account on August 24 to admit the woman in the video was her. "So-called gate tower was private and with fiance. 4 years ago. Not politically relevant. Thanks for the tweets full of support," she wrote in Dutch, which has been translated into English. Ms Uyttersprot is reportedly trying to have the video removed from the internet - and has been successful as it has been removed from YouTube.

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