Monday, 5 September 2011

Today's Headlines returns after Summer break

EL PAIS FMI warns of ímminent global recesion' - (Under photo series of Rafa) Nadal in pain - Rubalcaba will propose increasing fiscal pressure on banks and the rich / ABC CiU (Catalan independence party, in power) threatens PP for defending Spanish - Tripoli military head interrogated about 11-M - Lorenzo seals new Spanish triple header / EL MUNDO Mas considers Spanish being equal to Catalan as án attack - Spain on way to another recession - Ghadafi took money out of Central Bank whenever he chose / PÚBLICO Big fortunes buying up autonomous regions´debt / EU hides that Morrocco plunders Sahara water - Public transport prices rise more than inflation in over half the provinces / EXPANSIÓN (Busines & Finance) Telefónica and Santander get together in Latin America - Felipe González: "No guarantee that Repsol will remain Spanish" - Cajasur negotiating Telecable sale with investment funds / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) Area loses 13 leading Andalucía businesses in a year - Three injured in head-on collision near La Alcaidesa - Junta has no money for ´dependency help´payment YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS ITEM FOR AS LITTLE AS €3

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