Thursday, 22 September 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS Court sees no proof against bosses in ETA tip-off - RTVE (public radio & TV) Council to control news broadcasts - Greece to apply up 40% cutbacks on some pensions / EL MUNDO (Judge) Bermúdez manages to save Rubalcaba campaign (in Faisán case) - Zapatero passes Budget hot potato to next Government - Wall Street drops by 2.5% after Fed launches stimulus package - Greece reduces pensions by 20% and fires 30,000 civil servants / PÚBLICO 'Faisán Case' deflates - Door closes on Palestine - Parties will be able to control what is broadcast on news / CINCO DÍAS (Business & Finance) Nobody wants the Budget - Repsol wants Pemex to quit its Board - IMF says sovereign debt to Euro banks is €300,000 million / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) PP lowers IBI (council taxes) so CPI (Consumer Price Index) rises only by half - Blow to exploiters of women - IU (Izquierda Unida) to audit Castellar council and close local TV - Algeciras, the city where least legal tobacco is sold YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS WEEKDAY FEATURE FOR ONLY €2

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