Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Authorities seeking help for indigent British street woman

LA LÍNEA (Agencies)The Local Police and the department of Social Services are looking for a solution for a woman who has been living in the street for the last seven years. S.F. is 46 and of British nationality and, according to the authorities, has a mental disorder. There have been several attempts at getting her to accept accommodation at the semi-open centre run by Fundación Andaluza para la Integración Social de Enfermos Mentales (Faisem), but she refused help on those occasions. The Councillor for Social Serices, Asunción Barranco, said that matters are further complicated because S.F. is British but has no documentation. However, cooperation has been sought with Gibraltar -Barranco thanked Gib Minister Jaime Netto and his team, with whom relations are maintained in these matter- to obtain a passport for the woman, which is the first step towards applying the Law of Dependence, which could help to find a solution. A similar case arose some months ago, when a French woman was repatriated to her family, who had given her up for dead twenty years after she disappeared and had been living in the streets.

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