Monday, 31 October 2011

Campo leads province in organic products

CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR The word for 'organic' in Spanish is ecológico, which could lead to a litle confusion. Nevertheless, the Campo de Gibraltar leads the province of Cádiz not only in the number of acres dedicated to organic production, but also in the number of animals bred under the strict controls that go to branding a product ecológico. According to the regional agricultural office, as of June 17 this year, the Campo has 56,626.37 hectares catalogued as organic, while the figure for the whole province is 146,371.40. Therefore, the Campo de Gibraltar holds 38.7% of the total. Just behind us is the La Janda area, with 33.8%. As far as cattle and honey bees are concerned, the Campo is also at the top of the list with 42.6%, or 3,425 head of cattle (beehives are counted as head of cattle for statistical purposes) and is again followed by La Janda with 2,045 'organic' animals. Where the Campo falls down is in what is called agro-industrial activity; that is, the processing industries, with only 13 of a total of 37 such enterprises. Yet this is the part of the whole industry that generates most added value to the products. (Prospero note: in over 40 years of knowing the Campo, this last has always been so: oranges get 'exported' to Valencia and elsewhere for processing, the cork goes to Jerez or Portugal for same. There's more, but Why?)

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