Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAÍS (Re elections) PP lowers its tax cuts to whether deficit does not zoom up in 2011 - Spain´s GDP weakens - UNESCO challenges USA and admits Palestine / ABC (V. large headline) Financial balance of legislature: 0 - Rajoy imposes 37 measures to encourage employment - Greece to have referendum on rescue measures / PÚBLICO Adjustment plans stagnate economy - Ex Goldman Sachs partner now controls ECB - Rajoy now downgrades PP's electoral proamme to a 'to-do' list - UN forecasts that Africa will duplicate population in next 40 years / EL MUNDO  Zapatero backs Blanco while PP asks for his removal from electoral lists - USA removes its fees from UNESCO for admitting Palestine - Grecia to decide on rescue via referendum / EXPANSIÓN (Business & Finance) Greece submits rescue to referendum - Bank of Spain certifies economy's halt - MF Global's downfall spreads uncertainty on Wall Street / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) Junta doesn't detail investments for province - Spain stagnates in third quarter and faces recesion - Algeciras renews treasury operations for over €23 million

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