Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cati Ledesma, La Estrella stalwart, honoured in La Línea

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LA LÍNEA Catalina Ledesma Mateo, a stalwart member and past president of La Estrella del Regüé, the handicapped association of Jimena, was deservedly honoured in La Línea as part of an annual programme that 'recognizes' unpaid carers, volunteers, associations of the area. Jimena Council, represented by Councillor for Equality and Social Welfare, Mª José Pro, chose Cati because of her strength in adversity, her dedication and commitment to La Estrella and because "her cheerfulness enlightens us all ..."  Grateful parents, carers all, and their charges cheered and whistled as an emotional Cati was paid tribute. They had organized it perfectly, we're told, because it was a complete surprise. Some of the comments: "She has helped us over difficult times." "Cati has the strength we ourselves sometimes need." "Now it's our turn to offer her a little of our strength." "We Love you, Cati!" PLEASE REMEMBER THAT LA ESTRELLA IS HOLDING ITS ANNUAL CHARITY CHRISTMAS FAIR ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4, AT LA VICTORIA CHURCH, FROM 11 TO LATE AFTERNOON. PLEASE COME AND HELP! (What is La Estrella, and how does it work? See below)>>>

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