Thursday, 24 November 2011

Today's headlines

ABC Rajoy and Zapatero pact common front against EU - Germany can't sell its bonds - End to ETA violence stops 40 terrorist desertions / EL PAÍS Germany undergoes first shock from European debt crisis - Successful first transplant of an organ created from stem cells - Yemen President signs exit in exchange for immunity / EL MUNDO Urdangarín and partners evaded taxes with false bills - Rajoy and Zapatero agre on Spain's position on EU - Rubalcaba maneuvers so (PSOE) barons acclaim him as leader / PÚBLICO Employers pressure Rajoy to make redundancies cheaper - Attacks on euro reach Germany - Unemployed and chronically ill, most impacted by (Catalonia President) Mas cutbacks / EXPANSIÓN (Business & Finance) Germany is infected - Social Security close to deficit - Thomas Cook puts Spanich hotels up for sale / EUROPA SUR (Campo de Gibraltar) ULT to ask Anti-Corruption (Court) to investigate ICO credit in Tarifa - Mancomunidad to sanction Manuole Lobo for not going to work since 2010 _ (Environment boss) Díaz Trillo says Valderrama will be sanctioned for extracting water 'illegally'

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