Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Iberia pilots call strike for 18 and 29

Union reps at press conference
SPAIN (Agencies) As we warned here last month, the Iberia pilots union has called a strike for this coming Sunday and the 29th of this month. The airline has announced that it has cancelled some 91 flights on the 18th as a result; if you have a ticket bought through a travel agent, they will deal with it; if you bought it online, you will receive notification from the airline as to how you may be impacted. Flights to Africa are not affected, and on the longer routes (e.g. New York, Miami, Mexico, Buenos Aires) only 17% of the flights are cancelled so far. Subsidiary airlines such as Air Nostrum or Vueling and other shared schedules, will not apparently be affected, and nor will flights to the Canary Islands, which are protected in the 'minimal service' agreements. If the strike is called off, we will tell you right here: watch this space.

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