Thursday, 15 December 2011

La Línea workers close border for two hours

LA LÍNEA (Agencies) Unpaid municipal workers of La Línea held a demonstration at the border with Gibraltar yesterday, which closed access to the Rock for about two hours. The demo began at eight when they concentrated in front of the Convention Centre, where the provisional Town Hall offices are located. The unions gave a report on the results of recent negotiations in Sevilla (very negative) and the assembly moved on to the border at about midday. Pedestrian access to Gibraltar was surrounded by National Police in riot gear but vehicular access was cut off completely in both directions. Moments of tension surfaced when a group of workers tried to cut off all entrances and exits, which was avoided by the police. For two hours, though, the queues both inside and outside the Rock were horrendous. In the end, police and unions managed to persuade the demonstrators to desist and order was restored. The protest is non-receipt of up to six months' wages and salaries, a problem Mayor Gemma Araujo is having a great deal of trouble sorting out.

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