Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Council wants exact report of town hall workforce

Pedro Corbacho at Council meeting
JIMENA (Agencies) Pedro Corbacho, Councillor for Treasury, has requested a report (RPT, Relación de Puestos de Trabajo) on the exact composition of the Town Hall workforce and its precise cost in salaries and other items. Corbacho said the report is needed immediately because of the town's desperate financial situation. Its participation in the State Income (See PIE) has been retained for several months and therefore there have been innumerable problems with meeting monthly payrolls (The money for January salaries was received yesterday but the extra pay for December is still pending). Corbacho has requested help in creating the RPT from the provincial authority, Diputación, but if this is not received, the Council will make do with whatever resources are available. "We have to know what each employee does and the exact functions of every department, in order to carry out the changes necessary to attain at least some balance." He added that the town's income has been severely curtailed since the PP came to power.>>>
The principle of an agreement has been reached with the tax authorities that should lead to diminishing a debt of €400,000 owed to Social Security, said the Councillor, and "the first payment is €200,000, and a calendar of payments is to be agreed for the remainder."

With the exception of September, income from the PIE has been retained by the central government. If the previous local government had paid off the Social Security and other tax debts, Jimena would be at the better end of a monthly income of €145,522.37 with which to pay the town hall's 90 salaries, which come to some €130,000.

On top of that, the new Council has also had to deal with the loss of  a monthly €40,000 from the share-out by the autonomous region's taxes (PICA, Participación en el Impuesto de la Comunidad Autónoma) during the last half of 2011, as a result of a debt with the Welfare Council of the Junta. This debt is the result of monies received for the construction of a geriatric centre in Estación that was never built. However, Corbacho and his team have been able to negotiate a deal with the Junta, and this money have begun to come in again.

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