Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Arrested for showing false 'MOT' on windscreen

Yes, but how do you see out?
(Photo: illustration only)
LOS BARRIOS (Agencies) The Guardia Civil arrested a man recently accused of using a false document. He had stuck a false ITV (MOT) sticker on his windshield although the vehicle had not passed its test. The fact was detected at a traffic check on the A-7 road. The sticker dated the supposed inspection until 2013, but the paper document did not coincide; indeed, the GC saw that the real inspection was only valid until September 2011. The owner of the vehicle was arrested and is now 'at the disposal of the courts', and the vehicle is confiscated. The ITV sticker is an official document that is attached to the paper card that says the inspection has been passed. Its colour and placing on the windscreen helps police to identify a vehicle at a glance. Falsifying an official document is a serious crime that carries a prison sentence of anywhere from six to twelve months.

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