Wednesday, 8 February 2012

France accuses Spanish sports of doping - again

France's version of Spitting Image has Rafa Nadal stopping at a petrol station but instead of having the tank filled with petrol, he a reaches for a bottle of something bought elsewhere, then takes the petrol cap off and proceeds to pee in his fuel tank. The car takes off at an incredible speed. Further down the road, he is stopped by the gendarmerie, who say, "Speeding! Cut the contact!", to which Nadal answers, "What for? What the hell?" After that appears a subtitle and a voice over that says, "Les sportifs espagnols. Ils ne gagnent pas par hasard." That is: "Spanish sports people. They don't win by chance." Among other complaints from the Spanish sports fraternity (which is fed up with France forever accusing it of doping - see the latest on cyclist Alberto Contador) Spain's Tennis Federation (RTFE) announced via Twitter that it would be suing CanalPlus France for using its logo without permission. The Federation's president says, "That's enough!"

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