Friday, 24 February 2012

Endesa cuts power to market, but who turned it back on?

Market in the dark
Solidarity from local bars that gave them power
LA LÍNEA (Agencies) The electricity company turned off the light in part of the market in La Línea for lack of payment - like so very many other things that haven't been paid there. It was the fruit & veg and the seaffod section that suffered the most  and although they don't have freezers there, they couldn't use their weighing machines. However, the f&v part had the light come on in a short while, though the latter was without electricity for some hours. In some cases, though, and in an act of solidarity, local bars gave them power. The mystery remains, however, as a phone call to Endesa revealed that the company had not put the power back on because there are a great number of bills owed by the Council. So, who turned the light back on?

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