Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lock your tools away, and your olives and avocados

Illustration only
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR As we have said before, the recession is behind a wave of petty crimes throughout the country. Aside from the ongoing internet scams (about which we warn you constantly), the usual and unusual suspects are getting hold of anything at all to make ends meet. This, of course, is their excuse although it doesn't excuse them at all. Among other things such as burglaries and pick-pocketing (as usual) there seem to be gangs of youngsters entering properties to steal tools out of sheds or building sites. One of them was caught last week as they were transporting €6,000-worth of tools from Gibraltar. They are also after harvests of fruit and vegetables from unguarded orchards: an entire harvest of olives was stolen from a grove in Jaén, overnight and destroying the entire plantation. More locally, a grove of avocados was raided in full daytime - just before the frost would have taken care of it anyway. It's time to batten down the hatches.

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