Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Spanish frontier workers and pensioners claim discrimination in Gibraltar

Also demand bus passes "to which they are entitled"
GIBRALTAR/LA LÍNEA (Press release) The Círculo de Pensionistas y Trabajadores Españoles en Gibraltar (Citypeg) insists that the workers and pensioners they represent are being discriminated against by the Rock's authorities. The confrontation is regarding the so-called Community Care benefit -some €600 per month, to which workers also contribute- is received only by pensioners living in Gibraltar, not by those living elsewhere. Francisco Ponce, Citypeg's president, said that he would be presenting his case at the investigative commission set up by La Línea Council that meets tomorrow, Wednesday. Aside from having Council representation, the commission is made up of the two similar organizations (the other is Ascteg), as well as union and political party representatives. "Workers who retire have a right to receive this benefit, to which they are forced to contribute during their working days," says Ponce. He is also asking that frontier workers and pensioners get the same treatment when it comes to bus passes, which, again, are only available to Rock residents. "We pay the same taxes as everyone else in Gibraltar, and the buses are Government run, so we have the same rights." The statement issued by Citypeg included criticism of the Minister of Labour, Joe Bossano, who "checks all work contracts and rejects the vast majority."

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