Friday, 24 February 2012

School 'cleaned out' by bailiffs

Teachers and children cried as materials were loaded onto trucks
MADRID (Agencies) Santa Illa, a private school in the Chamartín neighbourhood of Madrid had almost a million euros worth of debt with Social Security. Under a court order, the bailiffs moved in yesterday morning and, as teachers and children looked on, removed chairs, whiteboards and even shelves, from which they 'threw books and papers on the floor', according to one witness. The police also looked on as several teachers and children cried, said the father of a student. The Ministry for Social Security said the school had had 'plenty of warning'. In fact, it has emerged that the schools head teacher, Iñaki Santa, received the court order that allowed the bailiffs to remove materials during school hours. What is yet to be determined is whether the traumatic experience was worth the amount of 'money' collected.

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