Friday, 18 May 2012

Sisters allegedly made false receipts for their community

ALCAIDESA (Agencies) Two sisters, answering to the initials M.V.A. and M.E.V.G., are being prosecuted for allegedly creating false bills and receipts when they were President and Vice-President, respectively, of their community, and supposedly keeping the money that came in as a result. The matter revolves initially  around two cheques made out to bearer, for €3,000 each, that were to go to pay an employee that had been fired by the community. The employee denied ever having received any cheque nor the amount in cash. Another witness stated that the cheques were cashed by the sisters themselves at a local bank. One of the defence lawyers said at the trial that the total figure as yet unaccounted for amounts to €111,000. Some twenty witnesses are expected to be called. Two Policía Nacional agents testified that the receipts they had seen in this matter, had been 'manipulated', and that the women were arrested in 2009 after the community secretary-administrator denounced that her signature had been falsified in the monthly reports on expenditure.

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