Friday, 18 May 2012

Fishing fleet fear problems with Gibraltar

ALGECIRAS (Agencies) The fishing fleet based in Algeciras set out to fish yesterday. Some of the boats were ready to do so close to Gibraltar, while others decided onsetting their nets as far away as possible from trouble with the Rock after talks on the rights broke down last week. The talks came about after an agreement dating back to 1999 had come to an end. The port master, Esteban López, advised the various skippers to contact the Guardia Civil before setting ouyt to sea. Meanwhile, the fleet at La Línea, closer to Gibraltar, decided it was too risky to fish in the disputed waters and only a few boats headed further out into the Strait instead. A meeting was scheduled between the fleet representatives and Mayor Gemma Araujo, after which an announcement will be made regarding the dispute that affects some 300 families that depend on the catches of some 70 boats, from La Atunara in La Línea to Algeciras.

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