Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Combat training exercises to start on Friday with Tornado arrivals

Tornado on previous visit
GIBRALTAR (GibChronicle and others) Eight RAF Tornado aircraft from IX(B) Squadron and 31 Squadron will be arriving in Gibraltar on June 22, 2012 for a month of training at RAF Gibraltar. The aircraft will be taking part in Air Combat Training exercises, EX Rockbat and EX Goldrock. A British Forces spokesman said: "The Tornado GR4s are based at RAF Marham in Norfolk and in recent years both Squadrons have made significant contributions to operations in Afghanistan and more recently, Libya." RAF Gibraltar provides the perfect base for carrying out this training and the aircraft will fly ‘clean’ i.e. no weapons or fuel tanks to encourage the pilots to manoeuvre the aircraft to its limits. "The increased air activity and use of the runway will obviously cause additional traffic congestion for people trying to cross the border. RAF Gibraltar is working closely with the RGP to keep any disruption to a minimum. Local radio stations will broadcast relevant information. The arrival of the squadron was announced several weeks ago, and the Spanish Government has not yet presented a protest to its British counterpart.

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