Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Silo and Casa de Cultura progress

©Alberto Bullrich 2012
JIMENA Mayor Guillermo Ruiz held a meeting yesterday with the second V-P of the provincial authority, Bernardo Villar, to look into the work being carried out at the old silo building at the entrance to the village, which is scheduled to become a museum as well as the Information Centre. They also visited the Casa de Cultura in San Pablo, which is being updated and to which a meeting room is being added. The silo is being given a multi-purpose room on a new floor, plus the installation of a false ceiling, doors and windows and electricity. The outer area will be improved with new flooring and parking facilities, all of which will be employing 59 people. In San Pablo, the Casa de Cultura building is undergoing structural strengthening as well as other basic work. The total investment for both projects is almost €270,000, financed by the PROFEA funds of Diputación.

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