Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What was DominGo and is it worth recovering?

CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR We have many new readers these days (CampoPulse is now averaging 893 unique visitors every day!), whom we welcome warmly - okay, it's too hot for a hug, people! Those who have faithfully followed the beginnings of CampoPulse, when it started out as JimenaPulse in March 2007, will remember that we had a 'Sunday Magazine'. It was great fun to make but an awful lot of work with very little (financial) return, alas, so we stopped it. But if you, Dear Reader, don't know about it, you can click on each issue below, and you will be wafted away to the page-turning magazine online. We would really appreciate your honest reaction (we can take constructive criticism, too), and an answer to the question in the headline above.

And a magazine we did for the last International Music Festival of Jimena:

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