Monday, 16 July 2012

New leishmaniasis vaccine becomes officially available in Spain today

SPAIN It is called Cani-Leish, or Canileish, and costs between €50 and €55 per injection at the vet's. A course of 3 vaccinations is required to start with, and an annual boost after that. According to information on Internet, it is suitable for puppies over 6 months and dogs that have tested negative - please note you must check your dog is NOT positive with any kind of leish score via a current blood test before you start any vaccinations. The blood test costs around €30. If your vet doesn't have it or needs some more information, he or she can buy it at (Note: the dog pictured is an old friend of this site - and the cause of a new animal protection society being set up in Jimena. He had a very bad case of Leishmaniasis, among plenty of other things and has disappeared, presumed dead.) (Read more about Leish, which can also affect humans, here)

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