Friday, 24 August 2012

Petrol and diesel up again

A litre of petrol rockets to record highs
SPAIN The price of a litre of petrol went up by 2% this week, an accumulative increase of 9% since the first week in July. For the first time ever, a litre of normal petrol costs an average €1.47. Diesel went up too, of course, by 2.5% this, at an average pump price of €1.395. Diesel is used by close to 80% of vehicles in Spain. And, naturally, the price goes up as holidaymakers are heading home from the seaside, which the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) calculates at>>>PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL SOON BE UNABLE TO READ THE REST OF THIS ITEM UNLESS YOU HAVE SUBSCRIBED. Subscription information will be available soon>>>
some 40million car journeys in August alone. So, to fill the average 55-litre tank with petrol now costs €80.85, over six euro more than it did at the beginning of August (when it had also gone up). Filling your car with diesel now costs €76.72, also six euros more. Son far this year, the price of petrol has risen by 13.4%, and diesel by 8.5%. All of it coincides with international oil prices rising. Nevertheless, Spain offers lower fuel prices than the average in Europe, where petrol averages €1.51 and diesel €1.50.

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