Friday, 7 September 2012

Benidoom: it's not surprising!

BENIDORM On July 12 The Sun published an explosive article about Benidorm, saying that it's days as a major tourist resort were numbered, and so on. The Olive Press this week suggested that 'It's not all Benidoom' in an article curiously placed in a section titled 'La Cultura', offering alternative such places (always supposing you want one, which we definitely don't). And by sheer coincidence -- if you believe in coincidences -- our friend (on Facebook and otherwise) Pete Humphries put us onto his colourful collection of photos of that sated resort up the Costa. You will see a slide show of a selection of them below, which will explain not only why the place is a shambles but also why we wouldn't want to touch it with our barge pole. (Thanks, Pete, that's all we needed over lunch!)

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