Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dogs chained up near Jimena, another horrible story

JIMENA We've been following this story on Facebook. It is yet another appalling animal abuse situation, this one (one of many!) near Jimena, though they're not (yet) specifying where exactly.  They need as much help as they can get, just these two women doing things on their own (we must get them to join J.A.W.S.). Their bank account number for donations: Banco Santander 0049 0132 53 2391395464 (Where it says 'Concepto', write: perros encadenados)


Tanya said...

How about JAWS joining these 2 women and helping these dogs.There seems to be a lot of people following stories on facebook, twitter etc but how about helping rescue these poor animals!

PROSPERO said...

The dogs have been rescued, cleaned up, etc. and are being taken care of by two refuges, one in Chiclana, the other somewhere else. The matter is in the hands of the court in San Roque as the Guardia denounced the owner. Aurora, one of the women there and the instigator of the rescue, will be joining JAWS as soon as we are up and running. She will also be helping with fundraising.

Tanya said...

Fantastic great to hear the dogs are now safe, problem is nothing will be done with the owners, its very sad as this is happening everyday to lots of dogs.