Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Watch out for this (familiar) scam!

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CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR We received this in our e-mail. Jane Cahart has many friends in this area, and the chances are they will have received it, too. If experience is anything to go by (and we've had two local scams exactly like this), it is neither true nor valid and must be avoided. Her e-mail, and contact list, has been hijacked, so if you answer it, you will no doubt be contacted by the scammers, and asked to send money to 'Jane'. Someone we know was stung for a couple of thousand euros a couple of years ago in an identical scam, though the person who supposedly had lost everything was allegedly in London. In fact, she was in Jimena all along, and only found out about it after one of the victims -there were several - saw her the day after they lost their money. BEFORE LONG YOU WILL HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE TO SEE ARTICLES LIKE THIS. Subscription info coming soon.

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