Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First day at school: let's paint the crossings (!)

JIMENA It's not as though there hasn't been any time to do it in almost three months of an empty school. No, first thing in the morning, at about 8, there were the crews painting the zebra crossings right by the school. It's chaos enough on a good day, but to have cars swerving the bollards, with a single overwhelmed 'vigilante' trying to make sense of it - not good. The comment that is the headline came from one indignant parent taking his child to school. Forward thinking is distinctly lacking among the maintenance crews in this town. (About a fortnight ago we read an item in Europa Sur about a lift being installed at N.S. de los Ángeles school in Jimena village - no sign of it... we didn't report it 'cos we knew it was too good to be true.)

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