Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What is there to do in the Campo? (Teenage version: 'I'm bored! There's nothing to do!')

CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR That is a question we are often asked and frequently we have to hum & hah because, frankly, we haven't known how to answer (See? we don't know everything!). Has that happened to you? Well, we are preparing an answer that may help. Most of our town halls have a tourism department of some kind. Some are well attended and updated online, others, alas, don't seem to have any interest in promoting one of the things that in these financially straitened times would help at least a little. Some examples of the hidden treasures that might be of interest not just to the visitor but also to the resident: have you ever seen the Saccone Gardens? Or, where to learn about making your own natural cosmetics? Or, why you might like to take the Pérez Villalta Tour? These questions will be answered during this week. So watch this space but please be aware that in the near future, you will have to subscribe to see articles such as those we're preparing.

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