Thursday, 6 September 2012

What's all that stuff on your latest electricity bill?

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SPAIN Electricity companies have begun including an additional charge related to re-billing on usage during the last quarter of 2011 and the first of 2012. This will mean an average additional 7% charge on your bill. The re-charge is detailed on the bill (we are hoping someone will send in theirs so we can explain it in full, as we haven't had ours yet). This is all as a result of the companies winning the case against the government, tried in the Supreme Court, which obliged them to apply the charges agreed years ago by both parties (don't ask, too convoluted, and we'll have to pay anyway) and that the companies sued when the government froze tariffs at the end of last year. In any case,>>>SOON YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO READ THE REST OF ITEMS SUCH AS THIS UNLESS YOU SUBSCRIBE. Subscription details will be available soon.>>>this re-billing will go on until the end of December and is prorated on a number of bills so that it does not become a larger extra expense. The new 7% that is now added, albeit prorated, comes in addition to the 3.95% approved by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in July, as well as the increase in IVA (VAT) from 18% to 21% that went into effect on September 1. A government resultion published in April obliges the companies to specify the months that are being prorated and the exact date and amount of the re-billing sections. (Clear? If not, maybe TranslationHELP can be of service: 685 052 684)

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