Wednesday, 3 October 2012

€3.905.50 raised for unemployed in Jimena

Other fund raisers planned
JIMENA The Plataforma de Parados, created privately to help the many unemployed of the municipality, held a weekend of various activities over the weekend of September 22 and 23. They have just released the result of the effort: after all bills have been paid, a satisfactory €3.905.50 will go towards buying foodstuffs and cleaning materials. The association has asked us to thank everyone who gave their bar change for the cause, and to the people who donated half the cost of chair hire. Also, they particularly thank the La Estrella people (the handicapped association) as well as a British resident, both of whom gave large boxes of food. There was also a direct donation of €105 in cash from a local business. Given the success of this first fund raising weekend, the association is already thinking about future such events.

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