Sunday, 25 November 2012

The hard work it takes to get a cork into your bottle

JIMENA Isidoro Herrera, retired foreman of Jimena municipal maintenance workers, has just created this lovely piece on YouTube about the workers in the cork oak hills that are in and around Jimena, including several Campo municipalities that border on them. You will have read that the Council voted unanimously to seek help from the European Commission to investigate what is happening to the trees that are drying up for no apparent reason. If the cork oak disappears it will mean the ruin of many local families, not only of Jimena but of all municipalities that have part of the Los Alcornocales Nature Park within their boundaries. And this is a very good reason to insist on buying ONLY those wines that use real cork, not those nasty plasticky wannabes. (To get the perspective of Isidoro's movie, you might also want to read How did that cork get in your bottle? one of several in-depth articles published first on JimenaPulse several years ago. (Thanks to TioJimeno for putting this up so we could find it.)

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