Thursday, 6 December 2012

Miracles happen even when you don't want them to

A friend tells me that several weeks ago he complained to Movistar (nee Telefónica) because his ADSL (broadband) line was too slow and getting worse. In other words, it was c**p. He told them that if it wasn't improved, he would be seeking the service from another provider. Three weeks later, the line was still very slow. On the Día de la Constitución, a national bank holiday, ADSL died altogether. So he called Movistar again, only to be told that the broad band service had been cancelled. Now, as anyone who has tried will tell you, this has always been impossible - you just couldn't get off their service without spending an enormous amount of time and energy. Now we have an incident where the service was removed without any request to do so. On a bank holiday. When you can't get anybody to do anything positive at all - even when the Movistar 'customer service' centre is in Colombia. So, his family is likely to spend a couple of frustrating days without being able to get online from their home. Good one, Telefónica ... er, Movistar.

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