Friday, 7 December 2012


Regular readers will have noticed that we have been absent without leave from the internet of late. May you continue to be regular. Here we offer some of the headlines, dating back to late November. The MoD adds up at least 178 incursions by Spain in Gibraltar waters - There has been a new record in bank debt (clients owing the banks, that is), which rose to 10.71% in September - Banks ask for more more homes to be built and offer more mortgages (didn't over-building and easy credit start the whole crisis of??) - There was a small tornado in Estación de San Roque on Nov 18, which tore off roofs and uprooted trees - Court procedures continue on the A-7 'diversion' that threatens Pinar del Rey in San Roque - Busted: Russian prostitution ring accused of supplying some 8,000 women to brothels across Spain - Veteran ETA member arrested in Liverpool, extradition process continues - Euro Commission is asked for help to fight cork oak disease - A meeting between Gib Environment Minister J. Cortés and Castellar Mayor J. Casanova aimed at promoting tourism inland from the coast - King's son-in-law is asked for €8m bail in corruption scandal - Woman simulates pregnancy with a helmet to smuggle drugs - IBI (Council tax) is up in 40 of the 44 Cadiz Province municipalities - Spain drafts law allowing Sephardic Jews descended from those thrown out in 1492 to acquire nationality - Life sentence for Spanish woman who carved up two ex-partners in Vienna - Mancomunidad approves Arcgisa water and rubbish rise - Nationwide high-end stolen car gang selling in Morocco, arrested in Algeciras - Man arrested for burglary on father's best friend's shop in La Línea - Over 9,000 signatures collected by 'Friends of Gibralar' to ask Gib Governor to intervene in waters dispute - Iberia pilots strike set for between Dec 14 and 21 (see update) - Tree pruning on A-7 creates three-hour jam kilometers long - Woman arrested in Pilas (Sevilla) after police find two babies in the freezer (see update) - Tribute to Civil War execution victims at El Marrufo (near Jimena and Cortes) held on Saturday Dec 1 - Former head of Spain's CBI equivalent in prison chaerged with series of misappropriations and other crimes; business partner is given record bail of €50m - Brussels wants to end 'ni-nis' (see update) - Gib accused by ECOFIN of dodgy fiscal practices; Gov't says it has a solution - RGP forces diversion of Spanish-reg cars on Tuesday

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