Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bombona price up, electricity down

SPAIN The price of bottled gas, bombonas, went up on Tuesday by 5%, from €16.32 to €17.13, according to the nation's official bulletin, BOE. The announcement also said that the price, controlled by decree, is to be revised every two months instead of the present three, and that it cannot be raised or lowered (that'd be nice!) by more than 5%. Consumer organizations have complained that this is hardly the time for an increase that affects some 11 million homes in Spain, and is the only source of heating and cooking. Nevertheless, a bombona in Spain is still one of the cheapest of its kind in Europe, or at least the 'old' Europe'. (We have tried to find a comparative list of prices but failed - can anyone help? In the meantime, and on the Good News side, the price of electricity goes down from April, as we reported here.

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