Friday, 22 March 2013

Have you been fined for speeding on the A-405 road, near Castellar?

The area in question
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR We have had a number of enquiries about speeding fines on the A-405 road (the A-369 on GoogleMaps, which is about 3 years late), from Jimena to Taraguilla, particularly between the turnoff to Sotogrande International School, passing by the entrance to Castellar cemetery and the entrance to Castellar Nuevo. These fines are particularly heavy - ranging from €150 to €400 - because, we believe, that heading for the coast, there is a section with a maximum of 50kph that includes a very straight part (passing by a plant nursery), which then turns into 70kph before a sharp bend. Curiously, on the other side of that same section, heading to Jimena, the speed limit is 70 kph, which leads not only to confusion but might also be a mistake (fallen speed sign, perhaps?). If you have had a fine there, please let us know, so we can make enquiries with the powers that be... (no promises!)

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