Friday, 24 May 2013

Kontranatura is back in Jimena

JIMENA She has been here before, and was very popular - which, of course, is why Melissa has invited Esther Esparza, the well-known café-concert artiste, to perform at Casa Henrietta, TONIGHT at 9.30p.m. Her (Spanish) monologues about science (yes, there's a laugh there, too!) have people rolling in the aisles - well, they would if there were any aisles to roll in. She is accompanied by the equally well-known Álvaro Gaviria, who happens to be performing at El Ventorrillero (that's Luis's establishment just down the street from Henrietta's) tomorrow evening. (CampoPulse will not be held responsible for information about things happening this weekend in the village, there's too much of it and no coordination among various venues - but we will try to get to at least a couple of 'em.)

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