Thursday, 13 June 2013

Row over allegedly illegal building

(Photo: IU)
JIMENA Izquierda Unida (IU), the left-wing party in minority opposition on Jimena Council, officially denounced building works they deem illegal - without the proper building license, in other words - in mid-March. Later, on May 22, they made another official complaint, saying that construction continued because nothing had been done. Having passed by there recently ourselves (in the company of about 100 people that day) and seen it, it's true that this looks like a major edification on the road down to the canal on the Hozgarganta river. So far, it consists mainly of stone walls and flooring, palm trees IU says are planted on public land, iron gates, etc. According to the IU Councillor, Fran Gómez, the only license requested - and not yet approved - is dated May 24 for drainage for a nearby stone wall. Alas, this kind of 'license' (for minor work when major work is carried out) has been all too prevalent over the years, no matter which party has been in power.

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