Monday, 29 July 2013

J.A.W.S. Cat Neutering Day is on Tuesday, August 6

JIMENA J.A.W.S. Has announced that the next Cat Neutering Day is scheduled for Tuesday, August, at the Campayo López Clinic (that's Carlos's) on Calle Sevilla 54, in Jimena. To quote Val Jubb, J.A.W.S. prez: As a special offer we are going to neuter both male and female cats for 30 euros. This offer is NOT available to people looking for cheap veterinary care - this is a genuine offer for people who are struggling or who have adopted a stray cat/kitten. JAWS will help anybody who cares enough to get their cat neutered but can't afford it - please phone VAL on 956 640 936. Please speak with your Spanish neighbour to try and encourage them to make use of this great opportunity - there are far too many unwanted cats and kittens around so please spread the word and make use of this fantastic offer. More details will follow but the important thing is to book your cat in with me. We also suggest you make a copy or twenty of the poster and slip it under the door of a neighbour with too many cats...

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