Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nine Arcgisa directors earn more than the President of the Junta

Directors meeting
CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR The top echelon of Arcgisa, the water, rubbish collection, cleaning, etc. semi-public company (in Spain a public company is usually created by entities such as municipalities, etc.) owned by Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar has for some time had a reputation for being a dumping ground for ousted politicians and hangers-on, as has its parent, Mancomunidad itself. Nice job if you can get it. And even nicer now that Europa Sur headlines today that its Director General (Managing Director, approx.), Manuel Alcántara, is paid €103,355.06, or 61.9% more than the President of the Junta de Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán, whose annual gross salary is €63,808. Another eight directors are also paid more than Griñán.>>>
According to data obtained by Europa Sur, the other eight above-Griñán's salaries range from the €64,158.86 paid to the head of the IT department to the €89,296.42 received by one of the heads of the Waters department.

In between are the heads of the Economics Department (€64,017.04), Human Resources (€65,088.13), Quality Control and Client Services (€65,088.13), Contracts and Purchasing (€65,898.17), Waste Management (€70,780.67) and the second head of the Waters section (84,758.06). A tenth director, head of the Technical department gets paid €600 less than the President of the Junta (€63,222.37).

The 20 top jobs at the public company take up 11.25% of labour costs, which has a total force of 364. On money terms, this means that the total annual (data for 2012) payout for labour, including top management was €10,918,789.20, of which €1,227.934.75 was paid to those top twenty, who represent only 5.5% of the total labour force.

Phone calls this morning to various political and other sources elicited shock, anger and concern, yet nobody wanted to be quoted. It should be mentioned that both Mancomunidad and Arcgisa is plagued with out-of-work politicians, many of whom do very little for salaries that, while not reaching the figures above, are nevertheless significant - particularly when Arcgisa itself had to shrink its work force last year.

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