Thursday, 9 June 2011

San Roque deal almost sealed

Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix
SAN ROQUE (Agencies) The three parties adding up enough seats on the Council for an absolute majority of 11 were last still checking the fine points of a deal that would put Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix (PSOE) in the Mayors chair for the next four years. The socialists are intent on keeping the PP out of the government and have thus come to agreements with PA (Partido Andalucista) and PIVG (Partido Independiente del Valle del Guadiaro), although leaving out another minority party, the USR (Union por San Roque), which has been the 'hinge' party for the last three mandates. The PA had the key in these negotiations: they could pact with the 'coalition' of PP and USR or that of PSOE and PIVG. When the matter was put to the party's internal vote, the latter won by a comfortable majority. Details about which party will hold what positions are very closed to being agreed upon, and we will report as soon as they are confirmed.

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