Thursday, 30 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Greece avoids Euro Zone chaosby approving cutbacks - Tuna is not good for the young - Rajoy proposes 90 mesures to support housing, family and business people / ABC Cutbacks choke Greece but Europe breathes - San Sebastian as Cultural Capital splits Government - Anti-corruption (court) backs SGAE investigation / EL MUNDO 43% would support Catalonia independence, says Generalitat - Greek 'yes' reduces pressure on Spain - Cajas executives rocket their salaries before going to market - (Ministry of) Development breaks promise and electricity to rise another 1.4% / PUBLICO Greece: adjustments unleash anger / Griñán shows tax return in Andalucia Parliament - Hundreds of 'indignants'return to Sol to hold their state of the nation debate / EXPANSION (Business/Finance) Bankia nd Civica to place 50% of capital - Ana Patricia Botin blasts British Government - Energy giants to join forces for a big reserach project / EUROPA SUR Griñán sketches out a turn to the Left while Arenas centers on waste (in Andalucia Parliament debate) - Landaluce rejects liberating opposition spokespeople - Araujo orders €600 payment of May salaries to each municipal employee SPONSORED BY

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