Monday, 18 July 2011

Campo among least breast cancer cases in Andalucía

CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR (Agencies) The Early Detection Programme developed by the regional health authority revealed that the Campo de Gibraltar is third on the list for the least cases of breast cancer in Andalucía. A survey carried out among all the hospitals in the Andalucía health service (Servicio Andaluz de Salud) comes up with the fact that in the Campo area, only 2.04 women in 1000 were found to have a malignant tumour between 1995 (at the start of the programme) and the end of 2009. During the programme's 15 years in operation 21,063 residents of the Campo were examined, of which 801 were sent on for further examination at a hospital. Of these, 43 cases of breast cancer was detected ( 4.68% of all cases in the province of Cádiz). Therefore the index in this area is established at 2.04 per 1000, compared to 7.2/1000 in Andalucía and 8.04/1000 for the province.

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