Friday, 2 September 2011

Woman dies in N-340 accident, more crashes on wet roads

(Photo: Europa Sur)
TARIFA (Agencies) An Italian woman, 58, died in an accident that happened yesterday on the N-340 near the Tarifa viaduct. Her son, who was driving, is in the ICU at the Punta de Europa Hospital and her husband, the third passenger, remains unhurt. The passengers in the other car were unhurt. The accident happened at about 6.30pm when the Renault Clio the family was in, slid across the road at Kilometre 87 and slammed into an oncoming Mitsubishi Montero. This stretch of the N-340 is a notorious black spot and this was not the only accident on the same day: at 8.20pm a dark grey Alfa Romeo and a Mercedes van brushed together and stopped, blocking the road. The area's roads have registered several accidents principally by driving too fast on newly wet roads, but none as serious as this, though.

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