Friday, 18 November 2011

Man returns €6,000 in cash

Llano Amarillo (Photo:
ALGECIRAS Six thousand euros in cash went back to its proper owner, an Iraki citizen, when an Algeciras man returned it to him. The incident happened on the Llano Amarillo area: the visitor reported the money lost to the Local Police, who began an immediate enquiry. According to a statement by the Local Police, the officers contacted a British policeman working in the area, who reported that he had seen someone get out of a car to pick something up off the ground. As a result, the Locals went to the National Police station to report the incident, while the money's owner stayed by the car in question. When they returned, they saw the car's owner - the cash finder - handing the money back to its legitimate owner. Nice gesture in these hard times.

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