Friday, 4 November 2011

Ruta de la Plata, Blues and Food - a different route at Henrietta's

JIMENA We can no longer be surprised by Melissa's sense of enterprise. She and her team at Casa Henrietta just don't stop. For the last several months we have witnessed and tasted all kinds of dishes from the Silk Route. This new one is closer to home, though. The Ruta de la Plata translates to The Silver Route, an old Roman road that runs along the Western side of Spain that is also one of several roads of the Camino de Santiago (image). Casa Henrietta will be offering a weekly  selection of dishes from places along this route - every Saturday evening from 8.30 pm, at only €17. However, to start things off, this first Saturday -TOMORROW- is special: Dinner & Blues, featuring Álvaro Fernández Gaviría plus his students taking part in the course on Blues he has been holding all this week at Casa Henrietta.

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