Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sex toys can be dangerous in pregnancy

SPAIN One of Spain's several consumer organizations has warned that the use of sex toys by pregnant women can be dangerous to the foetus. This, says FACUA, applies particularly to those made with Phthalates, which are chemical additives used to increase flexibility that can cause malformation in male babies. The additives are also used in babies' bottles and dummies. The organization asked the Instituto Nacional de Consumo (INC, National Consumer Institute) and the Junta de Andalucía's Department of Health  to remove sex toys containing Phthalates from circulation. Alternatively, it is requesting that warning labels should be attached to the products, as they are to babies' products. FCAUA says that while adults may usually be safe from this composite, foetuses and newborns can be exposed to problems. The warning stems from a similar one in Denmark, which concluded that pregnant women or those who are breast feeding, should not abuse the use of sex toys made that include Phthalates. FACUA has also pointed out that the EU Ministers of Industry have agreed to permanently forbid the presence of six types of Phthalates in baby products.

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