Thursday, 15 March 2012

Football clubs owe €752 million in taxes

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The BBVA Liga clubs alone owe €485m
SPAIN (Agencies) The Government says that the professional football clubs owe the taxman some €752 million, which has gone up by €150m over the last four years. The debts of the First Division clubs amount to a total of €489,930,880.80, Second Division, €184,180,499.29. The rest total €78,185,978.49 - all up to January 1, 2012, according to the answer to questions in Parliament by IU spokesperson on sports, Caridad García. The figures here do not include what the clubs owe to Social Security, which the IU parliamentary group has tried to obtain in the past but which come under Data Protection legislation and are therefore not obtainable. Also, says García, the Administration has made it difficult to obtain details as to each club's debts. 

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